Q. Is Stoney Brook paper durable enough to stand-up in a high traffic area or in a commercial setting?
A. Absolutely, the papers durability even amazes us. It doesn’t show soiling and it seems almost resistant to everyday wear and tear not to mention its ability to be repaired.

Q. Is the Stoney Brook paper washable?
A. Yes, you may clean the papers by using a soft towel and mild detergent, abrasives are not recommended. If an even more durable finish is required optional top coats are available.

Q. What happens if the paper gets damaged?
A. Unlike traditional Wallcoverings and faux painting; with Stoney Brook papers, repairs can be made easily, inexpensively and best of all invisibly. Simply apply another piece of paper from the supplied repair kit over the top of the damaged area, and “presto” your wall looks new again.

Q. Can I use Stoney Brook paper in my bathroom?
A. Yes, the natural fibers of the paper allow your walls to breathe and the over-lapping installation process doesn’t allow moisture to seep behind the paper causing it lift. We do recommend that you use a mildew resistant wallpaper primer as a base coat and to caulk around your back splash and tub or shower surround with clear latex caulk to prevent moisture from entering from behind the cut edges. Ventilation fans are also recommended.

Q. How do I know how much paper I need to order?
A. There are two ways of ordering our papers. The easiest and most foolproof way is measure in square feet the area to be covered only; exclude all windows and doors etc, order that square footage amount and Stoney Brook calculates and includes shipping and overages for you. The second option is for you to measure your space and calculate your own overage; we recommend you add a minimum of 50% to your order.

Q. Can I order custom colors?
A. Yes, we have created hundreds of custom colors and one of a kind designs. You supply us with a color, paint swatch, tile or fabric and we’ll create a paper that will fit your personality and style.

Q. Can I install Stoney Brook paper over textured or damaged walls?
A. Yes, the papers apply wonderfully over textures; the texture can actually add another dimension to your walls. The paper will mask many wall imperfections.

Q. What are accents and can I change them?
A. Accents are specs of color, veining, or metallic leafing found on some of the papers. You can add, change color or choose to have no accents at all on your paper at no extra cost.

Q. How does Stoney Brook paper come?
A. Typically the paper will come to you in manageable sized torn pieces. However, you can order the paper in precise cut geometric shapes such as; diamonds, squares, rectangles or circles.